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COVID-19 Madame's Response

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Hello My darlings,

I need to make an announcement and update you all regarding the current state of affairs with COVID-19 and My response.

First of all, I am fine. Out of responsibility and professionalism I must make a statement to let you all know what steps I am taking and what My plans are for the current state of emergency.

Some of you may be thinking that I am being "crazy" or "over reacting", but I assure you that I am educated and quite aware that I am helping to prevent the spread of the virus and hopefully keep the impact minimal. I encourage others to make what choices they feel like they need to to keep themselves and their families safe. I respect your choice, but I encourage you to stay out of the public for the next few weeks and be sure to take proper precautions. Wash your hands with agitation for 20 seconds or more. Educate yourselves and take precautions to keep yourselves healthy. The CDC offers a lot of excellent and up to date information and guidelines on what to do.

Secondly, I have had to cancel the tour dates I just posted recently. Travel of any kind could inadvertently spread the virus. In an effort to reduce the spread, I have postponed My visits Phoenix, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Florida. I will not be performing at TEXTURE, the FEMDOM party at the Den in Phoenix, Club Anarchy, or Soft Leather, or any other open performance until this issue is resolved and it is safe. I will be rescheduling My visits and much of these performances once I am able to.

Next let me say, any of you who know Me know that cleanliness and hygiene is very important for Me, My play partners and Clients. I have stepped up My already excellent cleaning of My toys, costumes and person. I have not had any flu like symptoms within the last 6 months or more, should you be concerned about any recent contact with Me. (Lucky devil) I expect all of those around Me to exercise caution and limit their exposure. Taking care of Myself is very important for Me and I understand the effects of self care, especially in this regard.

I am careful who I am around and have been practicing "social distancing" for a week already. I will continue to isolate and distance Myself from many social areas. Please understand if I do not attend something I was "RSVPd" for due to this circumstance. I am bummed about it too. I am careful and much more restrictive about who I will play or session with and screening such as your risk will be questioned. I will be on a "Self Quarantine" type status for a few weeks to make sure I limit My exposure and not participate in spreading the virus. I will be very available online and look to increase My content to keep you all engaged and playing with Me often. I will offer a variety of specials and unique projects so keep your eyes open.

I urge you take the needed precautions to protect yourselves and your families. This is a time unlike anything we have ever seen and we can get through this if we work together and help each other out. I implore you to be educated and aware, kind but diligent. Keep your germs to yourself and be responsible, before you get sick.

Be kind to one another.

Email Me if you have questions or want to know more.

Stay healthy.

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