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A Sensual Exchange between consenting Adults.

you walk into the space, with the intention of clearing your mind and just surrendering to Me. You can smell My perfume and scent. I know you can tell I was just in the room you are standing in now. you heart will race and every sound will have you on high alert. Questioning, " Is that Her?"

I enter the room and walk towards you, making eye contact to remind you that I am always in charge. I shake your hand, or maybe even give you a small hug. We chat bit and discuss boundaries and limits, remembering how the other likes to play. you hand Me the gift you've made sure to get. you remember how sweet it is when I blush a little because you've thought of Me. you remember how much that means to Me. I thank you and We grab toys and head to Our sacred play space.

I close the door, you take one last breath and I begin to tell you exactly what I want you to do. What articles of clothing to take off and where to put it. I tell you where to stand and where to put your body parts when I need them to be someplace. you try to breathe slow and listen to every word I say, you can smell My perfume and the sound of My voice makes you feel weak inside. you belong to Me, but We both already know that.

I cuff your hands and feet, order you to your feet and command you to walk forward. I guide you to the cross. you are stubborn and choose to stare at Me instead of walking like I told you. you neglected to follow instructions and I know that you are lost in your addiction to Me. I stand just near you, never make eye contact, I reach over and grab your genitals. I put My mouth near your ear and say " Get over here, and stop playing games. you WILL behave!" And I squeeze harder.

you melt into My Dominance. Of course you do.

I lead you to a suspended pressure point in the center of the room facing a large mirror. I love to watch you squirm from all angles. I begin to devour you, to memorize each twinge you make while my hands explore and bewitch your body while your mind slips slowly away. I whisper to you "Close your eyes, don't think, just feel" and begin to feel your body with My hands and nails. Sharp and electric but sexy and thrilling. I drag My nails along your skin to find the sensitive and delicate parts of your body, driving you deeper into subspace with each touch.

I enjoy every minute of the time and devour you entirely until you have been used to My satisfaction. My aim is to leave you shaking and twitching, dripping and exhausted while completely enamored with Me, knowing nobody will ever enjoy you like I do.

These are the savory moments I share with My partners and clients. That space where the only things that matter are consent and imagination, making the moments some of the most memorable and amazing possible. The feelings I feel from this experience are part of the fuel that feeds Me. The symbiosis of this exchange is sacred to Me and will always be a key component for My satisfaction in life.

BDSM is a beautiful journey between people who understand that a connection goes far beyond traditional sensations and sexuality. Many are ashamed to want more, trying to find some comfort in the touches they do have from their partners, and are feeling like they are missing something. But do not be ashamed or afraid. Those who find the beauty of BDSM will have the opportunity to experience a lifestyle that caters more to your whole person. Recognizing the body, mind and soul need more than missionary and pot roasts on Sundays. There is nothing wrong with those things, but some people need more than that to find their stride in life and really thrive. Everything in BDSM comes from a place of self awareness and the journey to find what makes us fulfilled in the many complicated ways that make us humans.

Kink and BDSM have been in the media lately in both movies and music, as well as fashion. Modern society seems to be more aware of this alternative lifestyle and practice and I hope that more people really learn to listen to themselves inside and what someone really needs to be happy in this lifetime. Not everything is sexual and oftentimes, something most think is a taboo or kinky can really be healthy action to enrich a persons life. Let none other kink shame the other and I hope you all can find the therapeutic effects that come from play. No, it is not therapy but is can be therapeutic so don't be afraid and reach out to give yourself some of the most amazing experience of your life.

Be well, and kinky.

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