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Online Teaching Debut to support Sanctuary Lax

One of the most important places in the Los Angeles kink scene is Sanctuary LAX owned by Mistress Cyan and Goddess Genesis. Typically it is My "home" dungeon and where I play when I am in LA most of the time. It means a lot to Me, as does the community who loves the facility and its events, classes and it's staff for in person sessions. During this current crisis I acknowledge that it cannot be making much money with it's doors closed. This being such an important place to Myself and many others, I had to try to help. I decided to make My teaching debut, joining My colleagues and friends as We all share in our loves and strengths to educate and share.

I wanted to be able to share some of the things I feel I am very good at and enjoy doing with the world for those who are looking for tips or pointers to help understand certain dynamics of BDSM play or relationships that I have learned, care deeply for and have tried to gain some mastery. I personally feel that no matter how long you have been a practitioner of BDSM practices you can NEVER stop learning. There is always something you can pick up from someones teachings, even if you don't care for them personally. Continuous education and skill improvement is critical for both the lifestyle players and professionals as well.

Firstly, check out the schedule. There are quite a few presenters and I am excited to be in the lineup.

May 4 Goddess Emmeline

Intro to M/s Dynamics

May 7 Goddess Emmeline

Developing your protocols and rituals

May 8 Danarama

Middling: 3-way play with a Proxy Top

May 9 Queen Ana Algos

Toy bags don't have to be Gucci

May 11 Madame Rose

Verbal Domination Skills

May 13 Madame Rose

Intro to Chastity Play

May 15 Sir Ezra

Intro to Fire Play

and on May 16 Vee of House Ravenblood with Behavior Modifications in Dynamics

Let Me break down My two classes a bit for you here below. Be sure to join in by getting tickets ahead of time (here is the link: ) I always welcome questions via My email:

Verbal Domination Skills

A top's use of their verbal Domination skills are the glue that hold a scene together and can provide ambiance for the play. In this intro class topics will include skill development, psychology of communication, non verbal communication, keys to keep control as well as regain control if lost and more. 

Intro to Chastity Play

Chastity is one of the most powerful ways to play both mentally and physically. In this beginner's class topics include important safety factors, psychological & physiological factors, device & cage basics, negotiation pointers, types of activities to keep it fun/sadistic and more.  

Please be sure to get your tickets ahead of time, and preferably all of the classes! It is sure to be a learning and exciting experience for us all! And the proceeds go to support Sanctuary LAX, a place we all love so much. Be well and keep your kink alive.

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