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International Kink Symposium - Kink around the globe

For three days, 10+ hours of classes will run for various time zones all over the globe to enjoy and catch much of the online BDSM/Kink Education taught through "The course" at Sanctuary Studios LAX. Ideal for those in the various time zones across the globe!

When the pandemic began, I found Myself really missing My community. Feeling so far from all of the people and activities I care for so much. I wanted to stay connected and giving back so I began teaching online. Having only taught a few people in small groups BDSM topics, I was excited to try something new, a little bit daring and very fun with a healthy purpose. I have been associated with Sanctuary Studios now for a few years and was honored to be able to teach a few classes with Sanctuary through their series called "The Course", hosted by the Director of Education, Sir Ezra.

"Verbal Domination Skills"

Commanding a scene using your verbal skills can be overwhelming and challenging if you are not confident and comfortable with using your words. I wanted to teach a class to get people more comfortable with using the skill of verbal Domination in almost any setting, not just a play scene.

Topics included Skill development, Psychology of communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Ways to gain and keep control as well as 10 skills to master verbal Domination in most situations.

Check out this symposium, especially if you missed My class or any of the other classes by the amazing teachers participating in this symposium. The inspirational Mistress Cyan, Brilliant Sir Ezra, Her Highness Queen Ana Algos, ingenuous Danarama, captivating Madame Margherite, charismatic Mx Wiley Wolf, and lovely Vee of House Ravynblood are all bringing amazing insight with their classes so don't miss this. Spreading kink across the globe!

Link for tickets below:

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