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Great Lock Up! Check out OxyShop!

If you know Me, then you know that some of My most favorite fun is locking up people's genitals and to control their pleasure, sensation and orgasm. I love the control in being the Mistress of Pleasure to someone dripping with desire. Feeling the key and necklace around My neck all day is so erotic and powerful. Just knowing someone is giving Me the freedom to control such intimate moments for them. It is a form of bondage to Me, sexual bondage. 247.

So much of the fun is the bonding of measuring the wearer and choosing functionality, buying the device, negotiating needs (I use contracts), Key-holding arrangements and so much more, how could it NOT be a favorite? Some choose to enjoy one while others like to collect the keys, the game is customizable for optimal enjoyment (or restriction, as it were).

There are many shops and locations to acquire the many variety of chastity devices available but I wanted to make a should out to a great resource you should consider when shopping for your device. There are many many styles out there, and so many people choose different styles of devices for the many different add on's or accessories. Many also have dual purpose, such as a catheter or insertable attachments. I have found that OxyShop has a great selection for beginner to more advanced pieces.

Use this link to order and make an account:

If you are a chastity sub and have been sent to this blog on a task, the link you need is above this.

Check them out. They really have a lot of interesting items and I am certain you will find something you have never used before and maybe some you never knew you wanted to try.

OxyShop interviewed Me for their website and Blog. Check it out. It was a lot of fun.

"I wish personally that there was no vanilla, that everyone had the freedom to kind of express themselves. And what their desires were but I'm sadly I think there's still a lot of misconceptions about kink and fetish lifestyle I think there's a lot of people that don't quite understand it.

I think if there was more education and more awareness and people were a little bit more comfortable with it then there wouldn't be so much judgment and so much ill perceptions from especially from mainstream media so I think there's some things like movies, recent movies that might have helped bring out a little bit more awareness but ultimately you know I still think there's a huge disconnect and a bunch of misconceptions. Hopefully someday people will find their own way there and over time I think the kink and fetish lifestyle, BDSM lifestyle will hopefully be a perceived as a little bit more mainstream or accepted." - a quote from the interview with Me.

I offer Chastity Training and Keyholding Services. I encourage anyone who is interested in trying it, to really look into why they want to and find a partner that you trust, as with any play. Contact Me and we can arrange for a device for you and you can send Me the key. Email Me today.

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