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Photographers I recommend...

Images by Teri G.

I recently shot with Teri in Las Vegas at the AVNs 2020 and it was an amazing experience. She created a safe space for Me to relax and we created some beautiful and powerful images. Her eye is sharp, she is very skilled using light to cast amazing images and the shots were amazing! I can recommend her if you are looking for a quality and professional photographer. It was an amazing experience, Thank you Teri!


BDSM/Kink Recommendation...

KinkyAF Podcast

Kinky AF Podcast (Kinky As Fuck Podcast.

Weekly podcast put on by an amazing crew. They also have monthly live events. Even now, virtually.

A show where they talk about Kinks, Fetishes and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Hosted by The Reverend!

Their goals at the KinkyAFPodcast are too provide the community and people just starting out in kink with a place to go learn about themselves, new Kinks and their communities. 

I can personally recommend this podcast if you are looking for a good way to stay connected to the kink community. They do amazing charity work and are really entertaining. Great Podcast!


Sessions with Others...

Doubles, and Cameos...

I am fortunate to know many amazing players of all various styles and capacities with a variety of styles and aesthetic.



Seeking a unique and specific kind of scene or shoot?

Use My contact form to inquire. I love playing in complex and diverse scenes. 

More Recommendations soon...

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