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submission, enslavement, TPE in a FLR please

There are many ways to live life. Ideally we should all be allowed to live the way we want. Free from oppression and judgment, so long as all parties are consenting and adults. It seems like an easy enough to understand concept, yet is a taboo. We are supposed to repress our desires and hide them in our bedrooms, kept away from the world with very limited spaces to freely be.

BDSM to Me creates a space for Me to keep open a safe space for those I allow to freely be. Whatever desires they may have had hidden, perhaps for years, and just be themselves.

I have spent My whole life in an "alternative lifestyle" and I live how I choose regardless of others opinions. This is critical for the spaces I create with My partners.

I find that there is a variance in types of submission and relationships with submissive types. When I first became a member of the BDSM community I wasn't really comfortable with "dating" many in the scene, I was just learning and did not expect anyone to want a beginner. I focused on skills and interpersonal relationships, conceptualization of My dominance and what that represents to Me. The foundation for My domination and what the pillars of My empire are. Years later, I am dating now and finding that these relationships are diverse and intricate which satisfies many different cravings simultaneously. I yearn for someones enslavement and servitude, a Total Power Exchange (TPE) dynamic, where I decide the level of control I have over My "belonging" (the submissive).

Many people are comfortable just as play partners, some have romantic relationships within their BDSM dynamics and others do not. It really is a cusomizable world within these alternative lifestyles. Living an "alternative lifestyle" has always seemed like My way of life. I enjoy the beauty of living the lifestyle I choose and enjoy the bonds with the variety of amazing people that I am blessed to know. The diversity of life is spectacular. I encourage you all to find the relationships that help you thrive, the ones that make you feel alive and the bonds to explore your deepest desires in the safest ways possible.

Be Well,

Madame Rose

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